Enter the Dao

Recently, many new people became interested in Buddha practices and cultivating the mind. As a result of this, old forces decided to again interfere in peaceful course of events. We do not acknowledge this persecution.

To cultivate your heart means being able to let go of all worldly attachments, including fame, power and various profits. If you are in a public office, you should serve people to the best of your abilities. If you are an employee, you should respect the hand that feeds you. If you are an enterpreneur you should provide quality products and services in exchange for a fair price. Rebellion against ordinary human society, the ways and laws that are set up in accordance with Zhen-Shan-Ren, they exist for practice and should not be interrupted. I could change the course of ordinary human society to ease the pressure that is put on you, yet I am unwilling to do it. Doing it all the time for you, would be akin to robbing you of the opportunity to forge your own mighty path.

Gods, Buddhas and Daos that are already in their positions are watching and protecting each and every one of you. Be the best versions of yourselves to achieve spiritual perfection.

Ri Yaouyue
21. Novembre 2022

P.S. Abandon all ill thoughts and step into the light to truly enter Dao.