On the Old Religion

Some people say that we are a new religion. It is not so. We are not a new religion, nor are we a branch of an existing religion. Nor are we a „new direction in the Fa rectification“. All of these designations are simply wrong. Do not confuse the established religions of the past [christianity, judaism] with our teachings. They are completely different things.

The old religions were established by the old forces. The new cosmos is rectified. It is different this time around. We are not saving only ourselves, we are offering salvation to all. Amidst the harshest persecution both inside and outside of China. This is the environment arranged by the old forces. It cannot be changed, otherwise everything would explode.

Old forces thought only about their own survival. This place in the cosmos is redefined. Some people took initiative, to establish their own things and clarify the truth about persecution. If this does not interfere with the overall situation I support these efforts.

Some people said that we are a heretic organization. We are not. In fact we are not even registered as a company or non-profit. We do not require anyone to donate or buy anything. The principles are here laid down in front of you. It is up to the individual to comprehend what was transmitted.

Some people carry a lot of supressed emotions and various notions that stem from various understandings. Some people are very ashamed. They are ashamed just by looking at the ordinary human world. Shame is a human emotion that prevents ordinary people from commiting bad deeds. The human world was not created to be pretty. It is an environment for cultivation and for returning to our original true selves.

Ri Yaouyue
10. january 2023