To the Minghui India

I congratulate Minghui India. Over the years you've made a tremendous job of clarifying the truth to various levels of government and governmental organizations. The approach you've taken, the effort you've put in, all of these things are inspirational. Do not dwell on the past, the history and future will be aligned if your righteous thoughts are strong enough.

The persecution in China is an extreme. This is the result of years of Communist indoctrination. The traditions that other countries hold dear are being ruthlessly destroyed in the name of progress. The theory of evolution is being used to justify the destruction of human living environment and human values. Overpopulation, destruction of natural resources, natrual and man made calamities will inevitably level out the grounds in China. Why is the environment still being able to exist in this present form? It is because the old cosmos. The forces of the old cosmos are waging a war with the divine. It is our compassion that we offer salvation even to these old structures.

Could we forfeit this unique opportunity? Could a human be abandoned in the dirt without a glimpse of hope for salvation? This kalpa is a klapa of light. In fact, it took many kaplas of waiting for you to reincarnate at this present time. Do not waste your precious time on superficial phenomena. Hurry up, reach the standards, fulfill your spiritual ambitions. Layers and layers of nets are put on the surface of the human world to protect people from disintegration. This cosmic theatre is a form for the present people to be able to exist in contemporary society. The future is bright!

Ri Yaouyue
13. january 2023