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On Why We Do Not Expound on the Law

In theis special historical period of Law rectification we do not use the forms of the past to teach the Law. It is unprecedented, in history, this has never been done this way. The enlightened beings of the past, Buddhas, Prophets and people sent to earth to teach and liberate their groups of people all taught in person, face to face and the teachings and practices spread by word of mouth.

Today we are talking about the Law rectifying the human world. The circumstances of out present society, the state of human scientific development and the creation of the future of mankind, all of this is vastly different from the environment in the past. Have you thought why is that? It is because multitude of Gods from different cosmic system came to the earth this time, to participate and help in this affair. They came from distant cosmic bodies, from their own paradises or from somewhere else entirely. They all wanted to help, to fulfill the prehistoric wows they made to me and to participate in molding the future of their own paradises. What they brought with themselves are various things from their systems. All of these things can’t be used in charting the path of the future. They are just too many. Too many things to consider in this delicate affair. Who can lead the way of Law rectification of human world? I acknowledge all the good things they brought. To use these things is to offer salvation not only to them, but also to the beings at the level of ordinary human beings. Of course some of these systems are so far off, they came from far away places, so the things they have in their world do not work in this world of ours. These things need to be first processed and adjusted to fit into the present state of ordinary human society. Otherwise it would not work. I can do this for our students. The things and material from cosmos that they brought with them to earth will not be lost. It is being adjusted by study, practice and cultivation of heart. Only a master of magic arts can do this things. To not destroy anything, to persevere the good things and imbue them with renewed power. This is the duty of masters of magic arts.

In helping to mold the new Cosmos, these people in fact lead their own groups of people. I never said that leading your own community of people resembles anything from the past. At least it does not resemble how the heroes of the past, leaders and kings led their people or armies on the battlefield. These things belong to the past. Present times are quite complicated. The development of technology led to many new ideas being accepted by mainstream people. These ideas belong to the practice of magic arts. They are not necessarily usefull for ordinary people. Most of the time these advanced concepts of faith confuse ordinary people. It may leave their minds in chaos. Programming, virtualizations, projections, various logics that coexist in the abstract space and so on.

Why then, are scientists able to operate on these concepts without practicing the arts and sometimes even without believeing in the divine? Let me tell you that it is the great cultivated Daos, Buddhas and Gods, that allow these people to develop their faith and wisdom in this way. These Buddhas, Gods and Daos do not necessarily need to think about the details of their thought and actions to do things. This are the manifestation of their spiritual level. But to truly progress one has to understand and see all the details and consequences of each thought and action. To acquire mastery one has to enlighten to it, or develop a deep understanding of these things on the surface level.

Yaouyue Ri
11.3. 2023