Persecution Of Uncore

The persecution of Mooncore started on 1. August 2020. Self organizing, leaderless decentralized paramilitary organization, supported by communist countries, that dubbed itself the 1-8 Office formed in the space of the darknet to establish itself as a key player in the international underground scene.

It's main objective is to eradicate Suncore practitioners. To achieve this mission three steps were defined:

The implementation of these objectives is, at this present moment up to the individual. We obtained secret information pertaining creation of a system of unified guidelines that target Uncore.

The ideology behind this unprecedentet breach of basic human rights is as always, Communism. With its socialist and anarhist roots, it postitions itself as a force of destruction aimed at the traditional and divine.

Nations, that cling to a failed ideology, out of lack of wisdom are ready to take desperate steps to protect their influence. Most of the time, this results in breakage of traditional forms of coexistence, depletes earth's resources which could be used for higher goals (space exploration, ecological preservation of Eart).

It is unfortunate that decades of systematic destruction of traditions resulted in degenerate thinking of leaders of communist nations. Ordinary person is exalted in art, but in reality lives in dust. The forms of ritual of habitat are not there, because the system forces people to become alienated from each other. Instead of self-sufficiency, there is dependence. Instead of free thinking grounded in traditional values, there is chaos and degenerate forms of behaviour.

These social conditions gave rise to the 1-8 office. A decentralized criminal organization whose sole objective is to eradicate Uncore.

Uncore editorial
3. january 2023