On why the persecution of Uncore continues

The arrangement of the environment of cultivation in ordinary society is such, that practitioners of true Ways need to endure the most severe of all hardships. It wouldn't work otherwise. It is not the corrupt governemnt, the degenerate atheist thinking, nor the backstabbing notions of greed. These factors do not come into play at all. It is the practitioner, alone in hist timespace, in relation to other entities. Relations he has to balance and cultivate. The form of ordinary human society must conform to the nature of the new cosmos. Otherwise it would be destroyed. The interference from old forces, demons and evil that we face are put on the path exactly for these reasons. In the benevolence of practice, we eliminate the negative aspects and validate the good. This is the compassion manifest.

If I were really to stop the persecution, the environment in China and Communist countries would simply collapse. Old forces that support these arangement would have to be destroyed. Would they comply with the new Cosmos? It is impossible for them to conform to this characteristic. Their intrinsic nature is unchangeable. Therefore they do not allow practitioners to change the communist environment and thinking.

The arrangement of ordinary human society is not for you to live a comfortable, luxurious, worry-free lifestyle. There is still a lot that needs to be accomplished before humanity and human living environment can become fully aligned with the godly realm.

mooncore editorial
11. january 2023