Pribehy Prenasledovania 4 :
Urban Living

Urban Living
In a theoretical situation
The reflexes kick in
I say go for it
Self defense or not
Big balls counts for naught
Fulfill your destiny
Angels do not posses the authority
to terminate an unborn
only God can do that
to be allowed
is to become a God
Chosen by destiny
Push your understanding to an extreme
Righteous actions
The concept of taking life
Is alien to us
In the cycles of reincarnation
You assumed the form
Of many different professions
This life or the next
Who cares when you have the money
Power over life and death
Makes you a great God
In the eyes of ordinary people
To let go of the fear
To life and death
Who can shake your resolve?

Ri Yaouyue

7. december 2023