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Yellow Emperor's Traditional Medicine Series

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine has become a landmark in the history of Chinese civilization. Written in the form of a dialogue in which the emperor seeks information from his minister Ch’I-Po on questions of health and the art of healing, it is the oldest known document in Chinese medicine.

On the Integrity [of body]

Unity of body and mind

The mind and body are united, like lovers in original Paradise. By the nature of the outward reality, they are not created the same. One is always in conflict with the other. No ammount of pressure in the world of three-realms will give satisfaction to the original nature of mind. To transcend the ordinary, one must cultivate the mind. It is only by cultivating the mind-heart nature, one can transcend. Various exercises are form put-up to hold the ideas in place, to allow for a reference in the space of the universe and to allow beginners and experts alike to share, hold and grow the same idea of materia/spiritual connection in existence.

Energy circulation

Various karmic blocks, be it emotional, spiritual or other bring various unorganized states of perception of ultimate reality. The illusions of this world are transposed one after the other over the original nothingness. To release the blocks of ciruclation, do not go into physical extremes. They may bring superficial and surface achievements, but those will ultimately have to be abandoned in favour of true cultivation of not only the physical and inner, but outer energies, such as aura, supernormal abilities etc. These things do exist in their most primitive forms in every being. With the passage of time, these things are lessend. This is also very dangerous for a being. If one is not able to return, one will suffer.

Denouncing the persecution

The persecution arises from the mind. We do not acknowledge this persecution. It is a manifestation of unwholesome thoughts. Who is responsible for the persecution? It is only you, against all the manifestations of illusion (Mara) in this world. Do not give into temptation to accomodate the evils. Demons are weak in nature, like ebb and flow of the sea on the shore. Give yourselves ample time to heal your inner selves. Whoever crosses the basic human principles of the universe, as the originator of the idea, as the executor and as a silent accomplice, will be punished according to the Great Law of the Creator. The role one plays does not diminish the karmic consequences. The higher the role, the greater karmic impact.

On Bearing

Bearing the various karmic consequences and sins of others brings an unusual state. Who would allow you to keep your original body and mind-nature without repaying the karmic debts? The power of the Way? Future generations? You alone cannot bear all this pressure. Gather your beings, start thinking clearly, and board the ship of Salvation that is smoothly sailing on the endless sea of suffering.

If the suffering you bear is in excess, if the snapshot of your soul is in great disorder, do not bother yourselves with exploring the causes. Quickly transcend your mind nature to the next spiritual level. Only there can you find true calmness and relief.