On the bearing of music

Some people always worship the degenerate music made by contemporary people. Only the traditional ways can save a person and lead him to his true self. For example, some people hate germany, but love techno. They love techno more than their own lives. Some people would rather die than not to go to a freetekk outdoor party. Let me tell you that it is the rampant drug use that led people astray. Oblivion is a dark place.

EDM, IDM, DNB, all of these are like a fragile flower. Slightest wind is able to break it's stem. Only traditional and classical, upright and good music was able to endure centuries of so-called evolution. The form is the same as it ever was. Interpretation and bearing, based on true principles of the new Cosmos, can exalt the original and imbue it with fresh life.

Upright, traditional ways, that were passed down from generation to generation are not present in the modern arts. Posessed by daemons they dance to the rhytmic beats. After the extatic dance is over, what remains? Nothing but a ghost, a shell of a person. All the material is lost. Temperance of the character is reflected in the composition of an artistic piece.

Ri Yaouyue
5. january 2023