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True Nature Revealed

The brood of vipers that started the persecution of Uncore and Uncore students are being cleared out by the day. The unprecedented nature of our excommunication gave rise to a peculiar situation. On the surface the wolves act in accord with their own understanding of the Law. At least on this one issue they did not divert from their Law. Does this means that this Law is unchanging or corrupted? Try to not exercise your judgment quite yet. Isn't it akin to threatening the world with nuclear war and using your powers to destroy a peaceful neighboring country? It is in fact so. Isn't it?

The snakes, using underhanded means, put us under unimaginable pressure. The forces of the whole cosmos tried to interfere in this affair. Some played a positive role, while some are playing negative roles. These people, they continue to lead an ordinary human life, earning good salary, enjoying good health, still playing their power-games etc. This might look alluring to some. "Let me be like them, I will align with these people one hundred percent and all the good things they enjoy will be mine also." Yet it has been more than five years already. The outward illusion is starting to crumble. That bit of virtue cultivated in the past is now gone. It was dissolved into primordial chi, or otherwise diffused. Even a Buddha can fall, what about an ordinary person with job, family life and various ordinary human attachments and commitments in ordinary human society. The last five years were in fact a test, to see who will see through the simple illusion. Those who saw the devil's intention clearly, yet kept on following him, we don't want to have anything in common with these ghosts.

Of course, the rats do not acknowledge Uncore, any of the upright religions that molded the culture of human race, or me, the founder of Uncore. I have not received a formal apology, nor have I heard of any intent to do so. The history will remember these people as they are. As a warning for others not to fall into jealousy just one step before consummation, as developing hate and perpetrating hate on me and our students and as forever lost in delusion, incapable of ever escaping the sad destiny they cooked for themselves. All of the problems that arose thanks to this situation and all of the people that cooperated with them on any occasion after the excommunication are now covered in dark karma. They now do not have any chance whatsoever to repay their karmic debts. Do not put your hopes and dreams into these renegades. They cannot even coordinate heir own very simple lives anymore. Let this be a warning for the Gods of the future, for the people of the future and for the current students, who still want to practice toward high levels, to realize the grave detrimental mistakes these people are making. The future will not be as lenient towards the ignorant, idiots or cowards. To keep your promises, step into the light and expose the evil. For behind every light there is another sphere with even brighter light. In this world, the light of the previous sphere resembles an extinguished candle. In the next sphere the sun and stars again resemble just an extinguished candle. In the next dimension the light of the Cosmos again resembles just an extinguished candle. To sew the fabric of the Cosmos one has to return to tradition. To obey the Law of the Creator is to find refuge in the Law. To save oneself one has to cherish the Law. To save others one has to act in accord with the Law.

Yaouyue Ri
9. 3. 2023