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On Our Excommunication

The persecution of Uncore comes on multiple different levels. There is the persecution of upright values, practices and values in China. That is the main, most direct and most dangerous form the evil has taken on to supress the good. The second layer is the exommunication of Uncore from the larger community of Falun Gong. We do not want to interfere in these affairs, but we also cannot stand by and say nothing when the evil takes on the form of an inside illness that manifests in harmful ways. The people responsible for starting this persecution, they kept on pretending for a long time. They pretended to be friends, while their only aim was to gain money, gain fame and misuse their power. To feed their hungry egos, they resorted to this, they took this path and so the history will remember them as such. They created immeasureable multitudes of problems for us. It is akin to the exommuncation in the past. This time around it is even worse. The financial, cultural and spiritual impact these people try to destroy is simply immense. To hold themselves in power, not wanting to progress in their own paths or to acknowledge anything that is beyond their simplistic world view, they turned around and became the hosts through wich the evil acted in destructive manner.

New cosmos does not have this principle of destruction. This is where they misaligned themselves and started to cause these massive complications to the Law rectification of the human world. Why do we not eliminate them completely? It is our great compassion that we still offer them a chance of salvation, albeit the chances of their turning around are slim. To hold themselves in power they will do anything, that is to say, they are too afraid to act outside of the Law of ordinary human society. They know this principle. At the same time they will use any gap in the Law, they will use any gap in the student’s cultivation, enlightenment status or cutlivation state to cause rpoblems and chaos. It is bound to be this way. Some people envisioned a world of constant struggle. Infighting between various understandings, religions or denominations. We are absolutely against these ideas and we are weeding them out from the start. There is simply no place for people not willing to cooperate in the future Cosmos. It is tiring out the capacities for progress. One has to acknowledge one’s own limits as well as the possible limits of development of even the most venerated students. To clarify the facts is near impossible. Why is that? It is because they do not listen to the Law. They used the Law to advance themselves while at the same time trying to use the Law to destroy the good. The good that they percieved as being enemies to themselves. By doing this, they diverted from the Dao. What you see today are not the same people. Their things have been taken out and transformed. One with supernatural capabilites can see the true situation of the past events, so I will not talk much more about it.

Petition those in power, and try to persuade those still in the dark that our practice does not posess any threat to them. On the contrary, the pool of people that we are able to reach, the reasources needed for the Law rectification to succeed are still many. I am not talking about financial resources and I am not necessarily talking about manpower. The spiritual aspect of this affair must be taken into consideration. Many people from the old religions do not want to let go of their practices and that is fine. We offer them a chance of salvation on such a large scope, that for an ordinary person it is simply unimaginable.

Yaouyue Ri
11. 3. 2023