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On the Principles od Zhen, Shan, Ren

Some qigong Masters condensed the multitude of virtues and principles from various schools, practices and religions and came up with three words Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. To denote the Universe in these three words is a great simplification that is meant for the ordinary people and people starting to practice cultivation. To comprehend the origin of Cosmos, various Divine beings and forces of the Universe, these three words might seem as an end to all means. They are not. They represent the understanding at that level. Their only serve this purpose. The True mysteries of the Universe cannot be explained with human language, at the same time they cannot be expressed with a human body, be it by various gestures, dance or martial arts. The universe is simply immeasurable and so is this Law. It transcends the most complex of human languages and it the catharsis of movements of the body. Some may say that it is the mind that leads the body, others say that it is the rutine cultivated by practicing in ordinary human society. On a certain level, everything a person does really leaves an imprint in the space of the universe.

To achieve the cultivation beyond the three realms, a true practice is needed as well as the Master of the practice and various Gods, Divine beings and Angels that protect the Way and the methods of the practice of that school. Our school does not have any specific methods of practice of the physical body. You can use any upright system. We do not try to esrablish a system of movements of body. There are many, too many of them. At the same time human body’s capabilities are limited by definition of existing in this human world. Can you just get up from your bed and fly to the Moon, other planet, other planetary or galactic systems with that pathetic human body of yours? You can’t. Let me tell you that this planet, this human living environment is in fact a living being. It is an intelligent Divine system, a God, one of many, that took on the form of a moving planet. We as human beings live on the outermost surface of the universe. Various systems, ancient Gods and Divinities in the form of energy coexist simultaneously in this space of the Universe. Our physical bodies are addicted and depend on this system. That is why it is said that nobody can escape this place once he came here.

Ordinary person is a sinner, incapable of ever changing his sinful nature, his only chance of salvation is faith in the divine. A cultivator is someone with an aspiration to transcend the three realms, to transcend the world and to offer salvation to all beings. A Buddha, Dao or God a realized being. On the path of Law, there are many demons and a lot of interference. Some of it takes the form of problems in ordinary human society, while some of the interference comes from other dimensions. I will not talk much about this, as this has been already discussed in various places by many people. What we are talking about is different to what they say. We are looking straight at the primordial Chaos manifested in various planes as raw form of energy. This energy then takes on various forms based on the alignement of student’s thoughts, his understanding and the cultivation path or Way that he walks.

To protect oneself from harm one has to take into consideration the human body, the human environment and the spiritual states, or levels. To extricate yourself from the chains of attachment, likes, dislikes and human wants, one has to cultivate the heart. To free yourself one must bear responsibility towards oneself as well as others. This is the mission of a sage.

Yaouyue Ri
11. 3. 2023