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Unpublished Materials

Some people noticed, that when reading the material that I did not intend to publish for public, i.e. the first and second book of poetry, they noticed that the artistic quality of the piece is not very good. Especially the native speakers of contemporary linuga franca, they were not impressed. But everyone has his own understandings. Beyond every word and sentence, there are infinite deeper meanings. These things pertain to the utmost primordial nature of reality.

The illusiory world seems to hold together at times. At other times it seems to fall apart easily. Who holds the material world together? Isn't it the great enlightened beings? We all know that already. The precious materials of the human body, mountains of materials that create the cosmos. Ordinary people call them precious. We are not bound by this dimension of thought. A great enlightened being can move a mountain by just one thought. The formation and destruction of matter, this concept is the thinking of old forces.

The reinterpretation of new cosmos does not have these things of the past. The laws are completely different. The are changed. Why is the new universe different from the old one? Human words cannot easily be used to express higher truths. People already do not believe what is being said. They think it is a product of incorrect understanding or incapable mind. It is not so. The words of human language, and this includes non-latin characters can guide people only to a certain level. This is the reason, why the early material published does not conform to the literary standards of modern free-verse poetry. I have briefly explained the core idea. It is best if you read these materials on your own and not in a group setting. Retain the group setting for the classics.

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