Under Red Dragon's Influence

Many of you know, that the Evil Red Dragon keeps an extensive diplomatic network of evils. They may try to lure you into their den of evil or try to bribe you with some CCP gifts.

Do not fool yourselves into thinking that by cooperating with the evils you will gain an upper hand in society. These efforts are doomed to fail.

Their tactics are created to advance their own interest only. The day you become uncomfortable [for them], is the day [their] support will change from nurture to ultimate blind destruction.

It is unfortunate, that today, in search for the authentic Chinese culture, one is still being forced to circumvent the CCP-controlled territory with it's propaganda machine. Being able to return to original tradition of the past ammounts to being able to truly be set free.

If you wish to preserve your own safety and moral integrity, we advise you to not cooperate with the evils. It has been proven time and time again that their outward intentions are all lies.

uncore editorial
28. November 2022