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The Role of 1-8 Office in Persecution of Uncore

While the Communist Axis's push of the world to the brink of WW3 may be seen as the next logical step in the history repeating itself, the creation and operation of 1-8 Orifice, a decentralized organization aimed at eradicating Funcore may be dissected as a known problem.

The arrangement of the old universe is Creation-Stasis-Degeneration-Destruction. This cycle continues forever and it's gory details are well preserved in history books. The new Cosmos is aligned with principles Zhen-Shan-Ren. The building blocks are different and the results are different too this time around.

The objective of human race changed. Survival of humanity is no longer a question of an indivdual, a group or a nation. It is the human race as a whole. It's place in Cosmos is being redefined. The progress of evolution of the old cosmos with it's chaotic scientific advances led to excess, degneration and destruction.

The survival of human is at stake. Ordinary human cannot survive without the divine. The breach of tradition in modernity is the result of old forces arrangement in the old cosmos. The new cosmos will be reacreated in the direction that Gods and the Divine chose. The best course of action for ordinary people is to align with principles of the new cosmos, otherwise they may be led into destruction.

The so-called 1-8 Office is one of the last effort of demons reincarnated in human skin aimed at destroying the traditional, good and pure way of humankind. Inspiration from Divine is to be seen as a good thing. The evil ways are manifested in interpersonal conflicts, hateful thinking and sickness karma. These evil entities are there to cause trouble and are the result of Demons acting in the capacity that was given to them [by the old forces].

uncore editorial
3. january 2023