The Role of Old Forces in Persecution of Uncore

The established religions of the past gave rise to a special situation for our practitioners. In the past, to achieve mighty virtue, to be able to oppose the evil persecution and to become a realized being a person had to go through a set of trials, had to endure a certain ammount of hardship and had to achieve his heavenly ranks.

Our practice is different. The emphasis is not placed on passively enduring, nor on taking excessive action. We prefer to take to middle road, if possible. This means solving things in a creative manner, exercising intution and prefering the gentle and upright manner of doing things. The environment of the past required people to act as brutes. Lacking the culture of five millenia, they had no other choice than to act as they did. Old forces were of course involved. They tried to influence the events and the outcomes of the events with their own understatings and way of doing things. Generally speaking, they were unable to transcend their own time and space. As such, they are destined to perish. With the emergence of new, cultured, gentle and upright forms of human relationship, new forms of social conduct are required to achieve the cosmic degrees.

Old forces are unable to comprehend the magnificience of the new Cosmos. The things they started with, their inborn nature, their ability to endure and understand are just there. Their ways of doing things belong to the old cosmos. These ways will not be retained for the future. Old forces do not want for the new Cosmos to fully realize itself. They see it as encroaching on their achievements. In not being able to keep up with the progress of Fa rectification of the human world, they develop fear. This fear is a reflection of thinking gone astray. In the arrangement of the old Cosmos they would be destroyed. The benevolence of the new Cosmos offers a way for them to be recreated and aligned with the upright principles of the New Cosmos. However they do not realize this. Their nature is such they will try to resist. Fighting to the very bitter end, making one mistake after another, their lives are really at stake.

suncore editorial
9. january 2023