Excommunication of Uncore by renegade Slavic Association

The slide of Slavic Association from true principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren can be traced to the first impetus of denial of true picture of the universe. The ideology imparted at an young age from your judeo-bolshevik clero-fascist parents, egalitarian socialist education system and atheist mechanisms of living and working enviroment all played a role in the corruption of highest beings in the Association.

The rupture of traditional values, the denial of true and pure ways, the egoism, arrogance, manipulation and backstabbing notions, excommunicative notions, these were all created to test the resolve. Some test were passed brilliantly, it is the major ones that were omnipresently lacking in fullfilment, these played the major role. To completely shut yourself from ordinary society, ignoring all the red flags of persecution and only the ranks that were imparted onto you are the symbols of power. These externalities of character alone cannot lead one to higher realms. Your failure to realize the Dao, and culmination of closed-minded decisions, led to the self-fulfilling prophecy of war, economic and societal breakdown of all structures and overall destruction of virtually the whole area.

New cosmos does not have this. These are all factors of the old cosmos and old forces arrangements, you of all people, should know this, by heart. Your mind and actions aligning with the old forces, that are so strongly rooted in this european corner, are what brought out this frozen situation.

You may not have realized this fully, but the international community does scorn at you, more than ever. You only live for the next conference, to be recreated, to fulfill the emptiness inside you, to soothe the churning sea of unstable mind, to clean the rotten heart you've developed. This is the inferior understanding. An upright cultivator's Dao? What is that?

Wake up!
Save face!
Resign now!

mooncore editorial
23. january 2023