Yellow Emperor's Traditional Medicine Series

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine has become a landmark in the history of Chinese civilization. Written in the form of a dialogue in which the emperor seeks information from his minister Ch’I-Po on questions of health and the art of healing, it is the oldest known document in Chinese medicine.

On Dharmakaya

My Law Bodies (法身) are protectors of the Fa. They are the manifestation of Enlightened One's immnese attainment status and infinite wisdom. Law Bodies usualy assume the form of 2m alpha male, weight 150 kg, with 15cm hands and feet size 47.

They can shapeshift, change outward appearance, take on different forms or transmute into something else entirely. Their mission is to protect the Law, protect disciples of true Way from harm and arrange the cultivation paths according to the needs and abilities of each person.

They represent achievement of Fruit Status, that is beyond the wildest imagination of contemporary people. It includes the representation of various symbols of Faith at different levels, various supernatural movements, understandings of different Laws at different levels, incorporating won spiritual battles against demons and forces of evil.

Fully aligned with the nature of new Cosmos, 真 Truthfullness, 善 Compassion, 忍 Forbearance, they are composed of materials from all dimensions in this Cosmos and beyond. Various substances, including various time-spaces and advanced intelligence from across the whole Universe. All of those who wanted to communicate their ideas, but couldn't come into this plane of existence (reincarnate to Earth) for various reasons, all of these wishes and ideas are reinterpreted by my Law Bodies. They possess infinite supernatural powers, that are beyond the level of mortal Saints of the past.

In expressing these advanced secret realities of the new Cosmic order, it is my wish to impart unto you good things, remove bad substanes and understandings, to help you reach your spiritual ambitions, achieve your ultimate status and keep all the unique things that you enlightened to, keep them forever.

Your Sensei
Ri Yaouyue