Material Distribution Notice

Some people fabricated materials with the logo of uncore, various high-class narrative jewelery, earrings, necklaces, brooches, clothes, shoes of various sizes in various quality and other items.. To support us, please buy only directly, the merch that you are sure of comes from suncore&co (at the moment we don't offer any merch). The products that are "made in China" are usually of poor quality and stained with subpar (or copyrighted) designs, or created directly by Chinese [CCP] propaganda maschine. As for those who sold these items already, you will have to compensate every person that you swindled, accordingly. As for those who bought these things, they carry disorderly messages, so it is best to discard them, by burning them.

On another note, there are still professional fundraisers trying to come up with some xcuses to raise money in the name of uncore for their own private use. Do not fall for their nefarious plans and corrupted sxchemes. Your ambitions should stay, as always, primarily in the spiritual realm. On the surface, we resemble everyday people, as that is the form of cultivation env., but the inner bearing is different. Please remind, especially the young people, those that are easily manipulated, that the bling of worldly wealth cannot be carried into the world after life.

The force of atonement is quickly approaching the 3realms, layer by layer. Do not pass on this historical chance by getting caught up in minutae details.

uncore editorial